by Bunyip

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Gaston - Guitars
Goonsack Neddy - Guitars & Vocals
Glen - Bass
Pete - Drums



released September 19, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Jason PC at Goatsound
Editing Assistant: Lincoln Byass
Album Art: Glenno (Instagram @glennoart)
Photography: Mario Varricchio
Layout: Garth Horsfield



all rights reserved


Bunyip sunshine, Australia

Bunyip is a skunge band hailing from the booze-drenched swamps of Melbourne’s Western suburbs. Formed from the ashes of regional metal ensembles ‘Standby Soldier’, ‘Terminal Frost’, ‘Chaotic Reference Point’ and Melbourne’s ‘Art Of Later’.

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Track Name: After Grog Flog
Jeez I've had a shit night
Knocked back by a couple of birds
They teased me cock
Then blew me off
Gave 'em a few choice words
Thought I was guaranteed a threeway
But all I got's a perv
Me paycheque spent on fancy drinks
How's the fucking nerve?

Looks like it's another
After grog flog
Laptop by the bedside
Porno's loading up
Looks like it's another
After grog flog
Video wouldn't buffer
Connection's fucking lost

Next saturday was different
Got this chick back to me place
She was liquored up and stupid
Pulled me pants below me waist
She got me hard and horny
Then a look came across her face
She lost her guts right on me nuts
Must've been that drink I laced

Looks like it's another
After grog flog
Video wouldn't buffer
Dodo's cut me off
Looks like it's another
After grog flog
Hunting through me mailbox
For Target catalogues
Track Name: Your Mate
Work, work, sport
Just bought a new car
Bitching about the taxes
And the bloke who's in charge
Doing reno's on the house
He's got a head like a clown
But he's not making me laugh
I'm thinking, "Fucking hell
What the fuck did I do
To get stuck
To get stuck here
Talking to you?"
Asking me questions
While spitting out food
I felt like dropping a fart
And clearing the room

He's your mate

He stands too close
And his breath fucking stinks
I wanna glass him
But first I'll finish my drink
He's whinging about his boss
Who's paying him a grand a week
He's got a hashtag opinion
On what he had to eat
He's a left-wing office worker
Gonna save the world someday
Monkey-suited, straight-laced
Shirt and tie, briefcase
He does the same shit
Same hours, same days
Week in, week out
Over and over and over again

If I see him, I'll chin the cunt
Track Name: Brekky Baccy Bongs
Getting up in the morning
Got no bloody choof
Some cunt's gone and smoked it all
What a fucking poof
Can't afford a tailor made
Spent it all on piss
Still a week 'til I get paid
And nothing's in the fridge

Need a brekky baccy bong

Hunting through me ashtray
Raiding me bumper stash
Tally-Ho's are all used up
Lighter's done a dash
Gonna bodgy up a springer
Cut a length of garden hose
Whack a piece of tinfoil in
And fire up the stove

Spark up, cunt
Track Name: Facesitter
You need the job done right
Your engine needs a service
I'll clean your rusty pipes
There's no reason to get nervous
So pop your bonnet, love
And don't be shy
I'd better change your oil
Can't leave you there just running dry
I'm gonna get ya juices flowing
Ya filter needs a good hard blowing
Ya gasket's gone and sprung a leak
So douse me in unleaded, honey
Bring her back same time next week


You've got a dirty muffler
Your interior is worn
You've seen a lot of miles
I've seen a lot of porn
Your exhaust is pouring smoke
Your carburettor's shot to shit
Your fanbelt is well ripped and torn
You've got a manual license
But your gearbox is automatic
Look me up in the Yellowpages
Under the listing, 'Snatch Mechanic'
I'll clean your boot for no extra charge
So back her up, spread your mudflaps
I'll park my face in your garage

My tongue is itching for your fanny to taste
I'll pull my piston while you squat on my face
I'm the man that you've been craving
I'll charge you double if you're unshaven
Track Name: L.I.B.
Two minute noodles
Discounted meat
Ya gotta be a mug
To pay top price to eat
Clothes from the Salvos
Shoes from St. Vinnies
Hanging for hard waste
Coz there's rich cunts in my street
Gave up the tailors
Cheaper to roll
Low-income bracket
Working for the dole
Smashing a goonsack
On Wednesday night
Sleep all day Thursday

Thought about knocking over a servo
But I didn't have the guts to do it
Borrowed money from the missus instead
Haven't got the guts to tell her I blew it
Haven't got the means to be an addict
But here we are, see?
The speed, the smack, the shard
The void, the pills I pop to fill it
It's all or nothing

Getting old and getting ugly
Getting used to being in arrears
After bills, food, rent, weed, ciggies, beer
I don't have shit
Hand to mouth and week to week
My life's been one big losing streak
Thank fuck for Cashies
Hocked in the flatscreen
Then hit the pokies and the TAB

Thought about maybe getting a job
But there ain't no way
Criminal record and shit for brains
No qualifications
It's a sad sorry, amalgamation
Of self-induced strife
No clear goals and a welfare ticket
Hanging on for dear life
Track Name: Just Wanna
This is a song about my feelings
I wish I could word 'em good
Say 'em smart like a poet would
But who's got time for that?
Let's just cut right to the chase
I have to be honest
I'll never be a good man to you

I don't wanna hold ya hand
I don't wanna be ya friend
I just wanna fuck ya silly
I don't care about a thing that you say
I'd rather commit harakiri
Than hear a word about your day
I don't believe in fate
I don't need to know your name
I just wanna come on ya face
I don't wanna meet ya family
Buy ya presents for ya birthday
Remember anniversaries

Coz every time I see you
I see tits and arse and fanny
No point in talking to ya
I can't get off on personality
So don't ask me for top shelf shit
You're getting a couple of crabsticks
And a bucket of chips
I ain't got time for romance
I'll chuck in a Coke
If I can get in ya pants

I just wanna fuck ya silly
Coz I love you that much
Track Name: Deadset Shitcunt
Ranting and raving
Ya haven't got a clue
Mumbling, unshaven
You and ya mates too
Why don't the lot of ya
Tie yaselves a noose?
Swinging from the rafters
Hope it don't come loose

Deadset shitcunt
You're a fucking waste of my air
Deadset shitcunt
Always drinking me beers
Deadset shitcunt
You've been pinching from me for years
Deadset shitcunt
Who the fuck invited you here?

Pissing and moaning
It's always about you
Bitching and groaning
Drugfucked worldview
Just wanna throttle ya
Ya see the world through smoke
We're all laughing
And your life's the fucking joke